For over 110 years Edmonton’s Exhibition Lands site has been a gathering place at the centre of Edmonton’s social, cultural, entertainment, sports and agricultural life.

53.566 N, 113.456 W

Now, it’s transforming into a different kind of community, where people will gather in exciting new ways.

Edmonton’s Exhibition Lands site is an incredible opportunity for sustainable, transit-oriented, aspirational redevelopment in the heart of Edmonton. Over 200 acres of prime land awaits smart, creative, transformational urban infill. Under five kilometres from Edmonton’s downtown, serviced by rapid transit and just blocks away from Edmonton’s expansive river valley — the Exhibition Lands present a signature opportunity for urban village developers to showcase their ideas in one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, while helping to build the Edmonton of the future.

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Ground-Oriented Residential

The Ground-Oriented Residential Area surrounds both of the Mixed Use Transit Village Nodes. These area will provide a diverse mix of residential uses, including mid to low rise apartments, row houses, stacked row houses, and some compact semi-detached, duplex, and single detached housing.

Civic/Education Anchor

This space provides opportunity for the expansion of education, cultural, wellness and/or other institutional uses, integrated with civic amenities. The anchor will provide publicly accessible recreational and community space for people living in the transit villages and surrounding neighbourhoods. Uses will complement the activities in Borden Park. The space may also incorporate indoor and outdoor Indigenous placemaking in collaboration with partners

Commercial / Employment

The employment anchor provides opportunity for the development of a large employment campus or development. This could include offices, testing/training facilities, or other employment uses. The site may be developed by one employer as a campus, or by multiple employers. The employment anchor will increase the livability of the transit villages and surrounding neighbourhoods by providing jobs within walking distance to residential areas and helping to diversify Edmonton’s economy.

Vertical Mixed Use

The Mixed Use Transit Village Nodes focus medium density mixed use development into compact areas immediately adjacent to the new proposed LRT Stations. Active commercial uses will be concentrated around the Transit Village Urban Plazas. These uses, such as retail, restaurants, or services, will contribute to the activation of public space. Single purpose commercial buildings, including offices, may also be permitted in these spaces. These areas will benefit from integrated connectivity to bus transit services, which will be incorporated into the design of streets and public spaces in the area.

Horizontal Mixed Use

This industrial transition area provides a flexible area in the north of the Exhibition Lands for a mix of light industrial, commercial, and residential uses. The area provides a buffer between predominantly residential districts and industrial uses. This area will allow light industrial, commercial, and residential uses, including live-work units, apartments, breweries, light manufacturing, and studios.

Open Space

Green space, or open space, in the Exhibition Lands is envisioned as a network. Vibrant plazas will serve as LRT landing spaces and welcoming entrances to the community. Public streets will connect these spaces to a dynamic central plaza in the middle of each of the transit villages. Greenway links, a form of linear park, will weave through ground-oriented residential neighbourhoods to connect to a reconfigured and expanded Borden Park. Along these links will be a series of community amenity nodes, which will provide social spaces for play, gathering, and urban agriculture like fruit trees and community gardens.

Expo Centre

The Edmonton EXPO Centre is at the heart of the Exhibition Lands development concept and is envisioned to diversify its uses in a manner that contributes to the vibrancy of the community. Areas to the east of the existing events centre will allow for development of amenities that complement EXPO Centre functions, such as offices, commercial or hotel uses.

Light Industrial / LRT Facility

This area has been identified as a potential new LRT storage and maintenance facility in the future. As the City's LRT network expands decisions will be made as to the appropriateness of the location of such a facility at the Exhibition Lands.


Ground-Oriented Residential
Vertical Mixed Use
Horizontal Mixed Use
Expo Centre
Commercial / Employment
Civic / Education Anchor
Commercial / Employment Anchor
Open Space
Light Industrial / LRT Facility
City Owned Redevelopment Lands
Privately Owned Redevelopment Lands
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Sale of First Parcels Approved in Exhibition Lands

On January 17, 2024 Executive Committee approved the sale of the first parcels of redevelopment land at the Exhibition Lands. These two parcels of land make up roughly 20 acres of ground oriented development land that will kick off Phase One of the Exhibition Lands community redevelopment.


The Vision

Edmonton Exhibition Lands will seek to create a vibrant, safe, accessible and inclusive new urban community, with new and exciting opportunities to live, work and play in the heart of northeast Edmonton. It will be connected to destinations within the city via multiple modes of transportation and will include a variety of housing for different household types, as well as other types of community services, commercial and employment opportunities.

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