Coming? Going? Check out how you can access the Exhibition Lands site to and from popular Edmonton destinations via foot, bike, transit and car. The site is designed to be easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation right from the start, and mobility within the site will be facilitated through a network of multi-modal paths and roads.

Transit / LRT

LRT Station

The site will be serviced by two stations along Edmonton’s Capital LRT Line. One of these stations will be at 115 Avenue and the other will be at 119 Avenue, replacing the existing Coliseum LRT Station.

Paths and multi-modal transport options

Shared Pathway Connections

On-street Separated Cycling Routes

Bicycle and walking paths will run through the site and connect to Edmonton’s cycling network. Preliminary upgrades to surrounding infrastructure will include improved pedestrian and cyclist safety at intersections along 112 Avenue at 79 Street, 76 Street, and 73 Street, as well as at Wayne Gretzky Drive and 116 Avenue.


Major Roadways

Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112 Avenue are major arterial roads leading cars north, south and west to Yellowhead Trail and the rest of the city. Within the site, upgrades will be made to 79 Street, between 112 and 115 Avenues; 115 Avenue, between Wayne Gretzky Drive and 81 Street, including a grade crossing with LRT; and 80 Street, between 115 and 116 Avenues.

Distance to


4-5 km (southwest)

12 minutes by car

7 minutes by Transit

15 minutes by Bike

Distance to

University of Alberta

8 km (southwest)

16 minutes by car

19 minutes by Transit

30 minutes by Bike

Distance to

NAIT / Kingsway

4-5 km (west)

10 minutes by car

12 minutes by Transit

13 minutes by Bike

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