Timeline & Development

Exhibition Lands will be a thoughtfully planned project that will be delivered by both the City of Edmonton and industry development partners. Over the coming years, the area will morph into a grand development that will provide unique opportunities for Edmontonians to live, work and play. Here's how it's going to happen over the next 20+ years.

Development of short term parcels including portions of south transit village and Civic/Education Anchor 
Development of parcels in central and east areas
Development of parcels in north transit village
Completed 2021
City establishes project implementation structure
City commits to first round of public investments 

Reconfiguration/expansion and Master Planning of Borden Park, new LRT at 115 Avenue, mixed-use collectors

City commits to second round of public investments

Extension of mixed-use collectors, staged Northlands demolition 

City commits to third round of public investments

New LRT Station and Transit Centre at 119 Avenue (closure of Coliseum Station and Transit Centre), convert Wayne Gretzky Drive into an Urban Boulevard 

Initial infrastructure

The City of Edmonton will handle the initial demolition and site preparation.

Finalize Land Sale

The City of Edmonton and development partners will come to an agreement on land sale.

Development Construction

The development partners will do the construction and finalization of the overall vision.


Short Term
Medium Term
Long Term
Incremental Growth - Medium Term
Incremental Growth - Long Term

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