The Vision

Edmonton Exhibition Lands provides the space for a vibrant new urban community to take form, harnessing the area’s history of gathering, proximity to nature, and transportation connections, creating new and exciting opportunities to live, work and play close to the heart of Edmonton. 

The development will seek to create a vibrant, safe, accessible, and inclusive community.

Exhibition Lands supports City strategies to concentrate new development around priority nodes like LRT stations and main street corridors in the existing urban area. This transit oriented development can accommodate a wide range of land uses that benefit from proximity to high quality public transit and relate to the existing neighbourhood development. The site will act as a district node in Edmonton’s City Plan, and will help to meet Edmonton’s Strategic Goals of a Healthy City, Regional Prosperity and Climate Resilience, while being a unique Urban Place within the city.

The development will seek to create a vibrant, safe, accessible, and inclusive community that is connected to destinations within the redeveloped Exhibition Lands as well as to other major nearby destinations, including the river valley. It will include a variety of housing for different household types, as well as other types of community services, commercial, and employment opportunities. 

In collaboration with private industry, the City of Edmonton will work to ensure the vision and potential of the Exhibition Lands is delivered, building a beautiful and city-changing neighbourhood for the great people of Edmonton. 

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